This is another amazing healthy drink called Zobo, very popular in Nigeria and around the world but known  with different names. In Australia it is called Rosella, the Caribbeans call it  sorrel drink while our neighbours, the Ghanaian call it Sobolo. If we move to the south of the Sahara, the  Sudanese call it Karkade.I recently learn it is consumed in Mexico but known as Aguas Fercas drink. You can see it is a popular drink consumed almost in every continent.

The health benefit of this drink cannot be over emphasized, not only is it rich in vitamin C, it  is used in treating health problems such as high blood pressure, liver diseases and fever to mention a few.

Zobo plantation


Below are few more benefits of zobo, you can read full details of benefits here

  • Water soluble antioxidant
  • Huge amounts of vitamin C
  • Organic acids including citric acid, tartaric acid and maleic acid
  • Acidic polysaccharides and flavonoid glycosides as like delphinine and cyanidin.
  • Anti-hypertensive properties
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Enzyme inhibitor
  • High level of antioxidant

Even though It is healthy, pregnant women in their first trimester are not advised to consume this drink because it can lower levels of Oestrogen in the body and can prompt menstruation which could ultimately lead to a miscarriage. for more details on this read here

This drink is prepared in different ways, but I will be showing you how I prepare mine which is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. If you are looking for something different to your regular soda and juices, then you are at the right place. lets make our amazing zobo drink.


  • Zobo/Sorrel flower
  • Pineapple/kankana
  • Kanunfari/ cloves
  • Masoro/ Piper guineense
  • Ginger/chitta kasa
  • Grains of selim /African black pepper
  • Pineapple peels
  • Cucumber

Step 1: Start off by washing your pineapple properly as we will be using the peels as well.set peels aside after peeling and slice pineapple into small chops and also get aside.

Step 2: Wash your zobo flower thoroughly under running water (they tend to have a lot of dust reason you should wash thoroughly).Transfer washed zobo into a pot and set aside.

Step 3: Add your sliced pineapple, ginger, cloves,grains of selim, piper guineense into a blender, add water and blend till smooth.

Step 4: Transfer blended ingredient into your pot with zobo, add your pineapple peels with more water and boil for 20 mins.Step 5: Allow till completely cool then strain the first time using a sieve. If your zobo is too thick, add water as you Strain. Strain again using a smaller sieve or a cheese cloth or muslin cloth to take out all the smaller particles.

Step 6: Your zobo drink is ready,You can add sugar if you desire, I drink my zobo without sugar so I wont be adding any. Best served cold (always keep in the fridge as zobo has the tendency to ferment if warm.

Add a slice of cucumber/ lemon if you like.Step 7: Refrigerate before, serving best served chill.

I have a more detailed video on my YouTube channel.

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