Tiger nut are tubers not nut as they are popularly referred to, they are very popular in Nigerian especially in the northern part of Nigeria. This nutritional fruit is often consumed as a snack, not only is it delicious, it is also packed with a lot of nutritional values.

I recently discovered tiger nut is also very popular in Spain, they have a similar drink to the Nigerian kunun aya called ‘chufa’. Tiger nut is also getting more popularity in America because of its nutritional values.


Tiger nut is very high in fibre, it has 33% of fibre. A research carried out by the Miguel Hernandez, Orihuela in Spain in 2009 found out that 100g of tiger nut contains 60g of dietary fibre which is actually higher than the content found in oats, apples, carrots and other foods known to be high in fibre.


This amazing fruit is also a source of vitamin E & C. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Another health benefit is, Tiger nut has been found to protect against cardiovascular diseases.

Let me save you all the boring details, I’m sure you get the message on how healthy and highly nutritional it is. Now to the fun part of making our amazing ‘Kunun Aya’



• 1 and a half cups of Tiger Nuts/Aya
• A cube of ginger/Chittan kasa
• Half a cup of a Dates/Dabino
• Half a cup of Coconut
If you bought dry Tigernut/Aya then read step one if not jump to 2.


Step 1. You will need to soak the tiger nuts in water overnight. This will help to hydrate the tiger nut and swell. (Make sure to keep in a cool place or the fridge so it doesn’t ferment)

Step 2. Wash the tiger nut, removing dirt, spoilt parts and sort out the bad parts (often you do find couple that are bad in the mix) and set aside.

If you bought dried Dates/Dabino read step 3 If not jump to 4

Step 3: Soak your Dates for 5 hours

Step 4: Wash and remove seed from the dates and slice into smaller chops

Step5: Break your coconut, wash and slice into smaller chops like you did the dates

Step 6: peel your fresh ginger and rinse out.

Step 7: Add all ingredient in your blender, add just about the right amount of water (do not add much water at a time, add little by little as you blend)


Step 8: Use a sieve to separate the milk from the chaff.

Step 9: Pour the chaff back in your blender, add water and blend again because there will be milk left in the chaff.

Step 10: Repeat step 8

Step 11: Use a cheese cloth or a muslin square to sieve the milk again to take out all the little particles that went through the bigger sieve, be sure to take all the milk out of the chaff.
Finally serve your drink chill, it can be preserved for 3 days if well refrigerated.


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