Kosan doya is a very popular dish in the northern part of Nigeria, I grew up eating it as part of a breakfast or just as a snack. It is pretty much similar to the popular beans akara in Nigeria with almost similar process to prepare. Kosan doya is one of my favourite snacks and I like the fact that is pretty easy to prepare. Here is a recipe for you to try.

    Doya/Yam/ Half of a medium size yam
  • Tatasai/ bell peppers/half of a large size
  • Atarugu/ scotch bonnet/ 2 (you can use one if you dont like spicy food)
  • Albasa/ Onions/half a bulb
  • Ginger/chitta/ a little piece
  • knorr cube/1 cube
  • salt/gishiri/ pinch
  • vegetable oil/Mai Gedda for frying
  • yaji/ as desired


Step 1. Peel yam and cut into slim slices for easy grating.


Step 2. Rinse your yam then go ahead to grate it into smooth paste.(use the smallest holes of your grater)


Step 3: Wash your tatasai,atarugu,albasa and chitta and blend.(do not add too much water to the blend)

Step 4: Mix your blended peppers with the grated yam and mix properly.

Step5: Go ahead and add your knorr and salt to waste.

Step 5:Pre heat your oil while you mold your yam into smalls balls to get it ready for deep frying.


Step 7: Once your oil is hot enough, start to drop your molded yam balls into the oil one at a time to fry until they turn golden brown.

This is a very easy method to follow, the prep and cooking time took about 30 min. enjoy your Kosan Doya with Yaji or just eat on its own as a snack or breakfast with pap or oatmeal.

I hope you like it, do leave me a comment when you give it a try.