Launched in 2017, Kandymusa.com is a space that create an experience that inspires my followers to try my northern recipes from my urban kitchen, it's a community of like-minded individuals that want to get inspiration, learn, connect and share their experiences with others, in areas such as fashion, food and life in general. 

This journey began 6 years ago with a solely fashion blog, as a project during my undergraduate years at university. Even though I studied Business Information Technology & International Relations, and have a Masters degree in Information Technology, fashion has always been an essential part of my life, that's where my creative side lies. I believe that we can make art with clothes, where I see myself as the artist, the body as the canvas and the clothes as the colours. 

Being Nigerian and having lived in the UK for 10 years, I usually find myself making northern dishes so that I can feel closer to home. Cooking has turned out to be one of my passions as well, surprisingly!

There's a freedom I find when I'm preparing food, especially when it's for someone else; I consider it loving and humane. We have an amazing culture, full of delicious dishes that I will share with my followers on this platform with the hope to inspire someone. 

I believe we all have a story to tell through our lifestyles and experiences, so welcome to mine and thank you so much for stopping by, you are very much welcome to explore, I hope I inspire you and I hope you find it interesting and learn a thing or two. Please feel free to share and keep coming back for more.
Kandy Musa




  1. My name is not a nickname; it is a native name of Bajju tribe in Kaduna state Nigeria, and it is not pronounced candy like a lot of people call me.
  2. I am 5’5ins tall (I am not short like a lot of people say I am).
  3. My favourite place to visit is my village Zonkwa in Kaduna state. (Irreplaceable memories made with my family)
  4. I am a tea lover; I drink tea through the day regardless of the season.
  5. My favourite food is Indomie. (Serve me this breakfast, lunch and dinner) shocking i know coming from someone that loves to cook.
  6. My favourite TV show of all time is friends (If you haven’t watched this then you are really boring)
  7. My favourite movie is the sound of music (I am generally a musical movies lover but nothing beats the classical ‘sound of music’)
  8. I don’t know how to swim (I’m not ashamed to say it)
  9. I am terrified of cats. (Because I come from a country were a lot of people associate them with evil)
  10. I use to have a dog called 'one chain' (So lame, I know!) sadly he died.
  11. I have been arrested before in Nigeria for doing nothing.
  12. I can’t dance!
  13. I love piercings, I have 10 and counting.
  14. I don’t drink (tried it before), neither do I smoke.
  15. I love Arsenal football club.
  16. I brush my teeth twice a day but 6 times in total (figure it out)
  17. I haven’t drunk any fizzy drink in 8 years (so proud of myself)
  18. I hate clubbing (sweaty annoying people rubbing it off on me)
  19. I’m terrified of rats (disgusting little creatures).
  20. I speak 2 languages Hausa and English.

Bonus. I am terrified of roller coasters; I feel like I’m going to die when I get on it (Literally). Mind you I have only been on one.



My name is kandy Musa, you are welcome to my blog. feel free to explore and I hope you get inspired. read more about me here


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