Month: March 2017

This is another amazing healthy drink called Zobo, very popular in Nigeria and around the world but known  with different names. In Australia it is called Rosella, the Caribbeans call it  sorrel drink while our neighbours, the Ghanaian call it Sobolo. If we move to the south of the Sahara, the  Sudanese call it Karkade.I recently learn it is consumed in Mexico but known as Aguas Fercas drink. You can see it is a popular drink consumed almost in every continent.

The health benefit of this drink cannot be over emphasized, not only is it rich in vitamin C, it  is used in treating health problems such as high blood pressure, liver diseases and fever to mention a few. (more…)


Danwake da mai da yaji (danwake with oil and locally made northern Nigerian spice) Is one of those meals I ate as a child frequently, we traditionally ate this meal with broom stick instead of a fork which was the fun part of it. Danwake is basically  grounded sorghum, ground cassava, wheat and beans, mixed with potash/kanwa and kuka/baobab leaf.It is a traditional northern Nigerian breakfast, but I can eat it any time of the day because is really filling and high in protein, I have also added salad to mine to garnish it and make it even healthier. Danwake flour is very easy to buy now in Nigerian markets, I have done just that during my last visit to Nigeria to avoid the process of preparing from scratch. (more…)

Acha/Fonio is a grain in the millet family widely planted and cultivated around West Africa; I will say it is a cross between couscous and quinoa both in texture and appearance. I grew up eating Acha in different forms, Like Pate (porridge), Acha pudding and Acha Jollof.

This grain is so healthy, nutritious and has a lot of medicinal value because it is gluten free and has two amino acids (cysteine and methionine) which is highly recommended for those with diabetics.

I recently discovered how to make bread with it, like how amazing is this grain? Honestly, I think if this grain becomes more popular around the world, it will defeat quinoa.

Today we will be making one of my traditional foods (pate) widely eaten in the northern part of Nigeria. I am making my pate a little different because I like to explore with food and it doesn’t have to be boring. (more…)

Tiger nut are tubers not nut as they are popularly referred to, they are very popular in Nigerian especially in the northern part of Nigeria. This nutritional fruit is often consumed as a snack, not only is it delicious, it is also packed with a lot of nutritional values.

I recently discovered tiger nut is also very popular in Spain, they have a similar drink to the Nigerian kunun aya called ‘chufa’. Tiger nut is also getting more popularity in America because of its nutritional values. (more…)

Having a perfect skin has always felt like a goldmine to me, I have struggled with acne for most of my adult life, I have longed for that glowing, radiant, luminous skin for what seem like eternity. Not only do I suffer from acne, I also have had a fair share of hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration. So, you can see I have been at a constant battle to have a clear and healthy looking skin for the most of my adult life. My dream is to have a skin that requires zero foundation to look amazing but I am at a place where I feel that is almost impossible to achieve. Having had a fair share of “tried and tested” of the numerous tropical skincare solutions, and with millions of them produced daily, knowing the right one for my skin became really overwhelming.

I am currently experiencing a lot of breakouts (reason for this post) which lead me to do an intense research about possible solutions to my skin problems. Most of the information I gathered are things I already know and general information associated with having a glowing clear skin. (more…)